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Please take the time to read this advice before booking your "Free Survey"...

Maintenance on properties can be expensive, and therefore it is always positive to keep costs down. Unfortunately the cheapest does not always work out to be the most efficient. There are many damp proofing companies offering "Free Surveys", however they have only one intention, and that is to sell you some form of material that will apparently "resolve all problems". It is a fact that such materials very rarely resolve damp issues, but do trap moisture into the wall and cause further erosion to the pointing and brickwork.

Most "Free Survey" companies will put a cheap damp meter into the wall at low level, and tell you that you have "Rising Damp". This is extremely unlikely as the vast majority of properties were built with a DPC, and it is rare that they fail.

Many damp proofing companies will try and make you think that “Rising Damp” is a genuine issue within your property, and that you need a new chemical DPC and vertical membrane to stop it. The truth is that you do not need such damaging chemicals applied to your valuable property.

Before reading what you should and shouldn’t do below, please take a moment to look at the two photos of these bridge structures. These structures along with thousands of others in the UK are submerged in water, and have thousands of gallons of water passing them, and penetrating into them on a daily basis. If “Rising Damp” really exists, why are these structures dry above the water line?, why have they not collapsed?, and why do they not have useless and damaging chemical DPC’s inserted?… The answer is evident, Rising Damp does not exist, and therefore please do not accept that it does from somebody who is trying to sell you their useless product.

Please Do:

Please Don't:

Yes Alpine Damp charge a fee for our investigations, however the fact is we have saved numerous clients literally thousands of pounds by not having useless damp proofing. With Alpine Damp you are guaranteed the following:

Before taking the Free Survey route that is likely to end up costing you thousands, please give us a call, and please take a look at our customer feedback on our website and www.checkatrade.com