Thermal Imaging Damp Survey, Diagnosing Damp

Posted: 28th January,2021

Thermal Imaging

Alpine Damp were requested to undertake a damp survey of a one bedroom flat, in order to ascertain the extent and cause of any damp or mould.

Thermal Imaging is a method used for various things such as, gaining information from an object, formulating an image or distinguishing the difference of temperature between surfaces. However, here at Alpine Surveys we use it as a key piece of tech to identify where damp is orginating from.

Our Surveyors are equipped with all the latest technology that allows them to assess the most abhorrent cases of damp problems. One of our most beneficial pieces of equipment being the latest in Flir Thermal Imaging technology with MBX. By using this valuable piece of apparatus, surveyors are able to view heat pools within the property, as well as cold pools. Being able to establish the change in surface temperature allows the surveyors to analyse how widespread the problem is, but also be exact in their findings. Thermal Imaging can facilitate repairs quickly and thoroughly, and is much more cost effective than other methods used that can be intrusive. 

The Thermal Imaging Cameras we use here at Alpine Damp are specifcally designed for building inspections such as moisture detection, leak detection, insulation problems and much more, therefore, this emphasises how exact and specifc we are when trying to ascertain where the problem is originating from. 



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