Alpine Surveys Bristol Office - Damp and Timber Specialist Surveyors

Posted: 18th December,2020

Straddling the river Avon in south-west England, Bristol is a creative hub combining pretty Victorian terraces and waterside living with a thriving jobs market and cultural riches.  Alpine Surveys have carried out many surveys in the area and have established a new office to serve more clients in Bristol and the surrounding areas.  Mr Hudson, a recent client in Bristol says:

"Damp survey performed with useful results provided on the day followed by 21 page report issued with a day of payment. The guys were great and able to work around us when we were working from home. Clearly knowledgeable and were genuinely independent. Would recommend getting an independent report rather than someone trying to sell chemical damp proof courses!"

We aim to provide you with a totally unbiased damp and timber survey, in order that you have a true understanding of the issues that you may have. Unfortunately there are many damp companies that will provide a “Free Survey” with the hope of selling expensive remedial works at the end of the survey sometimes costing many thousands of pounds, and on many occasions, they are not required.

With the correct survey and diagnosis, in many situations the rectification is non expensive, and does not require expensive Damp Proof Courses to be installed, or expensive surfaces. The key is to be thorough in the survey approach, and locate the actual issue, as opposed to assuming that it is something else, normally misdiagnosed as Rising Damp.

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