Homebuyers Damp Survey

Posted: 30th October,2020

Homebuyers Damp Survey

Many people consider the Mortgage Valuation survey to be one that will highlight any issues worth considering. This is not the case, the Mortgage Valuation survey is to ascertain if the mortgage requested is covered by the value of the property in the worst case scenario that the mortgage cannot be covered.

For many reasons including renegotiation of the purchase cost, no hidden or unknown damp issues, and no undetected health issues, it is very beneficial to undertake a detailed investigation of your proposed purchase, therefore making you fully aware of the issue before, and not after you have brought it.

Our surveys have saved customers many thousands of pounds in necessary works, because they have been undertaken by the vendor prior to sale, and we have saved a couple of customers tens of thousands when the purchase was stopped after receiving our report. In fact one customer was told by the Mortgage Surveyor that there was damp in the kitchen, when in fact it was throughout the property.

Alpine Damp will undertake a thorough Thermal Imaging survey to highlight to us any areas of concern, which will then be investigated further, we will check you internal and external water supply and heating pipe work, and on completion a detailed report will be provided, detailing exactly what has been undertaken as part of the investigation or survey, the results, and our unbiased recommendations for the rectification of the issue.

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