Homebuyers Survey, Do you need one?

Posted: 16th February,2021

House hunters travelling hundreds of miles to view homes, Homebuyers Surveys


What is a Homebuyers survey?

A Homebuyers survey is a detailed inspection of a property that someone is about to purchase. A surveyor will inspect the property and provide you with any problems the property is suffering from. They will also highlight any major repairs or alterations needed. 

Given the circumstances that we are currently in, in-person viewings are still allowed in England, and many homebuyers are taking advantage of this. The housing market is seeing an increase of properties being purchased all over the country, however this brings with it the increased demand and strain before the stamp duty holiday ends. 

Houses are being brought at a rapid pace and with that Homebuyer’s surveys are becoming more and more popular. Here at Alpine Surveys, we always recommend getting a Homebuyer’s survey because buying a house is probably the most expensive commitment that anyone will make, and it’s important to get it right. For many reasons including renegotiation of the purchase cost, it is very beneficial to undertake a detailed investigation of your proposed purchase, therefore making you fully aware of the issue beforehand and not after you have brought it. 

Alpine Surveys will undertake a thorough Thermal imaging survey to highlight any areas of concern, which will be investigated further. We will also check your internal and external water supply and heating pipe work, and on completion a detailed report will be provided, detailing exactly was has been undertaken as part of the investigation or survey, the results, and our unbiased recommendations for the rectification of the issue. 

Alpine Surveys specialises in providing you with a detailed and thorough survey, detailing in why your property is suffering from damp or moisture penetration problems. We produce a comprehensive and thorough report after the survey’s completion, with the surveyor’s specific findings and the remedial works that need to be undertaken in order for the problems to be eradicated. We guarantee our findings and all of our surveyors have over 15 years of experience, as in independent company we do not carry out any remedial works. 

Do you need a Homebuyers Survey?

A Homebuyers survey is optional but recommended. They can help you avoid expensive and unwanted problems. In the long run they can save you thousands of pounds and having the reassurance from an independent surveyor agreeing that the property is a good investment is also beneficial. With the information from the survey, you might use it to renegotiate the price of the property or reconsider buying the property all together. If the information from the survey shows that the property needs £9000 of roof repairs, it is reasonable to ask for that amount off of the current price. Alternatively, you might ask the seller to fix the problems before you buy. 



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