Homeowners Alliance Article recommends a damp specialist surveyor is instructed in their article below....

Posted: 04th November,2020

The article below is correct in advising seeking a specialist damp surveyor.  However, when buyers or sellers search online they generally are presented with companies who are selling products and may offer a free or cheap survey then charge the customer for treatments for damp and timber that are not required.  Generally rising damp is mentioned, but this is a myth created by companies selling cavity wall injection, insulation and other treatments.  These can cost customers hundreds and thousands compared to the cost of an accurate survey report.


Article from the Homeowners Alliance Website:

Does damp matter and who do I call for help?

Q: My 1950s house has damp on a couple of walls. One outside wall under a window and some in the corner of a party wall. It's not bad but my wife is really worried about it. What is so bad about a bit of damp? And who do I call about getting it investigated - builders?


Damp can be caused by a number of things and if not addressed may worsen leading to additional structural problems.

So we asked Steve Hodgson, CEO of the Property Care Association (www.property-care.org) for advice.

“I would recommend that a damp specialist surveyor is instructed who will carry out an inspection to determine what has caused the dampness discovered. A 1950’s built semi-detached house would be built with cavity walls and an original damp proof course. However the dampness described could be caused by:

  • Condensation
  • Penetrating Dampness – external water leaking from gutters or from window sill penetrating the wall, poor pointing etc
  • Blocked cavities where moisture is transferring across the material blockage
  • Rising Dampness may be caused by bridged damp course or raised external ground.

The cause needs to be assessed”.



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