Independent Damp Surveys, What do They Consist Of?

Posted: 10th March,2021

What does a damp survey consist of from an Independent damp surveying company? 

Alpine Damp are a truly independent surveying company, with absolutely no connections to any damp proofing company, and therefore have no interest in financial rewards from remedial works. We aim to provide you with a totally unbiased and accurate survey, in order that you have a true understanding of the issues that you may have. 

Here at Alpine Surveys, we do both an internal and external assessment of the property. Firstly, the surveyor will assess the outside of the property, they will survey the chimney stacks if there are any, the gutters, roofing, render if there is any on the property, brickwork, stonework, mortar joints and the external groundwork levels. They assess the outside of the property to establish whether there is any deterioration which is allowing moisture to penetrate into the property, in which could possibly be causing the problem.  

Then internally the surveyor will take damp and moisture content levels from the floors and the walls and will also use a thermal imaging camera to establish exactly where the problem is originating from. The thermal imaging camera allows the surveyor to see the difference between surface temperatures and see how widespread the problem is. 

After the survey’s completion we always provide our clients with a thorough and in-depth report entailing the surveyor’s specific findings, those being exactly why the property is suffering from this problem and what has caused it. Also, within the report will be specific recommendations, these will include what remedial works need to be undertaken in order to eradicate the problem that the property is suffering from. 


What equipment do the surveyors use?

All of our surveyors use the latest equipment ranging from the Flir E60 BX and the Flir E54 which are top of the range thermal imaging cameras. They also use telescopic ladders and camera extension poles so they can gather as much information as possible from all areas of the property. 

How long does a survey take?

The length of a survey is very much dependent on the surveyors findings and the size of the property, for example if the surveyor is only assessing a lounge and a kitchen it should take anywhere between one hour and one and a half, however, if it is a 4 bedroom house it could be anywhere between two to four hours. 

What areas do you cover? 

We have offices in Uxbridge, Fareham, Dorset, Exeter, Bristol and Worcester. We cover all of the listed areas and surrounding areas. 

Do you undertake the works?

As we are an independent company we do not work in conjunction with anyone, including builders, therefore we do not undertake the remedial works, but do list the specific works needed in the standard comprehensive report.

All of our surveyors have over 15 years of experience, we undertake hundreds of surveys each year for both domestic and commercial clients and also have over 500 testimonials on checkatrade. If our services are something of interest to you, please do not hesitate to call us on 0330 333 9238. 


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