Rising Damp, The Myth

Posted: 02nd February,2021

The Rising Damp Myth- 

Rising damp has long been an issue, or has it? This is how you can save thousands on remedial works, and chemical processes that actually damage your property more than they benefit it.

When damp appears at the base of a wall most people assume this is ‘rising damp’, however, what you’re really seeing is excess moisture caused by penetration above within the structure, which has naturally migrated down to the DPC level and it has remained above the DPC and therefore it has not risen up from the ground. This also confirms that the DPC is effective as it is not allowing moisture to penetrate downwards through it. 

Many damp proofing companies will tell you that you have 'rising damp' in order to sell you a product. This is simply false. 'Rising damp' does not exist and it is extremely rare that moisture will rise up from the ground on its own accord. The vast majority of properties have been built with a DPC (Damp Proof Course). 

A DPC is designed to stop moisture from penetrating up past a specific point. Slate was a material used for DPC’s for thousands of years. Water will not penetrate slate, nor will it penetrate later materials used for a DPC. Therefore, why would you need a new chemical injection DPC? Honestly, its highly unlikely that you do. The damp cause has been incorrectly diagnosed. Here at Alpine Surveys, we never recommend a new chemical damp proof course to be injected. 

Take a look at this 200 year old bridge, a bridge structure is a good example of proving that 'rising damp' doesn’t exist. The bottom part of a bridge is constantly submerged in water and has thousands of gallons penetrating into it on a daily basis. If rising damp does exist, then why is the upper structure of the bridge dry above the water line? The evident answer, 'rising damp' doesn’t exist. 


Most people assume that the logical remedy for ‘rising damp’ would be to insert a vertical membrane to resolve the issue. The chemicals and materials used to do this trap the moisture within the structure, causing damage to the property, worsening the problem. 

Here at Alpine Surveys, we only provide you with the best. Administering you with a thorough and in-depth damp survey, using all the latest equipment and guaranteeing to diagnose the problem.

 If we did find 'rising damp' during a survey, it would be free of charge. 


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