Terms and conditions of sale (Services)

Alpine Damp


Supplier means Alpine Surveys Ltd of Riverside House, 47 The Lynch, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 2TQ Company Reg Number 8018186.

Buyer means the individual or organisation buys or agrees to buy the Services from the Supplier

Contract means the contract between the Supplier and the Buyer for the provision of Services incorporating these Terms and Conditions.

Services means the services that the Buyer agrees to buy from the Supplier.

Terms and Conditions means the terms and conditions for the provision of Services set out in this Contract and any special terms and conditions agreed in writing by the Supplier


These Terms and Conditions shall NOT affect the Buyer’s statutory rights.

Any variation to these Terms and Conditions (including any special terms and conditions agreed between the parties) shall be only be binding if agreed in writing and signed by both the Supplier and the Buyer.

Any complaints should be addressed to the Supplier's address as above.

Any special conditions applying at the date of this Contract to the provision of the Services are set out in the Schedule to this Contract.

These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all contracts for the provision of Services by the Supplier to the Buyer and shall prevail over any other documentation or communication from the Buyer.

Price and payment

The price of the Services shall be that stipulated in the quotation.

After the Services have been completed, the Supplier shall forward the invoice for the Services. Payment of the price which includes VAT at 20%, must be made to the Supplier in cleared funds and without deduction or set-off, unless the client is dissatisfied with the service, and then a reasonable sum can be withheld, until such time as the issue is resolved. On receipt of the cleared funds, the report will be forwarded within two business days.

"One off" (single day, individual surveys, non long term clients) projects are to be settled in full on the day of the project, and all other invoices (long term clients, pre agreed payment terms) are due thirty days after the date of the invoice.

If any payment is not paid on time or any payment is rejected or refused, the Supplier will be entitled immediately to cease or suspend the provision of any future Services until payment has been received.

Where payments are not made in full as per our these Terms and Conditions, the Supplier reserves the right to charge interest on all outstanding sums at the higher of 3% above the Bank of England base rate and the rate from time to time available pursuant to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and by the agreed date. In addition, the consumer will become liable for any reasonable costs incurred in recovering late payment, such as administration costs. This additional charge is to cover the associated administration time in collecting an unpaid invoice.

The price and any taxes and expenses for the goods and/or services shall be as specified in the Purchase Order.

An invoice shall be produced by the Supplier to the Buyer in accordance with the terms set out in the Purchase Order. The long term customer shall pay for the Services within thirty days of the invoice date.

If the parties agree that the Supplier is to provide services or resources in addition to those specified in a Purchase Order, then such agreement will be reflected in a further Purchase Order, which will be deemed incorporated into this Agreement. Once a Purchase Order has been agreed by the Buyer the price for the Services shall be fixed. The Supplier may retain the final reports for the Buyer until such time as payment for the Services has been made in full.

Non Payment

Should you not pay the invoice after the survey/investigation/repairs have been undertaken, Alpine Surveys reserve the right to transfer the debt to a Debt Collection Agency. All costs and legal charges associated with the debt collection will be added to the original invoice value.


All orders for Services shall be deemed to be an offer by the Buyer to purchase Services under these Terms and Conditions (whether or not on a Purchase Order) and are subject to acceptance by the Supplier.


Alpine Surveys are an independent company, with no connections or ties to other contractors or suppliers. With decades of experience, knowledge and the latest survey equipment, we provide impartial survey and investigation services, and always endeavour to provide the most professional and reliable service for our clients. We will begin to perform the Services on the agreed date. We will always perform the Services with the industry standards of care and professionalism expected, including those for Health & Safety. Where H&S legislation restricts access, alternative survey methods will be utilised where possible.

- Damp, Timber & Mould Surveys

Utilising decades of experience and the latest in survey technology, our Surveyors will undertake a thorough investigation of the property as detailed during your enquiry. The Surveyor will provide a report on completion, detailing the findings of the external and internal survey, all data obtained on site, and the recommendations to rectify the issues being encountered. We never recommend unnecessary works or rectifications, and will sometimes include works or rectifications that may not be related to the issue being assessed. Our surveys are guaranteed, so long as the recommendations made within the report are completed in full. Albeit very rare, if damp or moisture remain after all of the recommendations have been completed, we will return to your property free of charge, and undertake a further investigation.

- Leak Detection Surveys

Although our Surveyors will endeavour to undertake a thorough and professional investigation, utilising the correct equipment and many years of experience, the Surveyor will make every endeavour to pinpoint the leak within 200mm (8 inches). However, Leak Detection is not an exact science, and therefore neither the Supplier nor its staff will be liable if the leak does not prove to be within 1m of where indicated by us. If proved not to be within 1m of the point indicated, we will return free of charge to undertake a further survey. In addition neither the Supplier nor its staff will be liable for any costs associated with excavations or reinstatement required to prove a leak location, unless it is proved that we have been negligent in carrying out the leak detection.

- Aerial Surveys & Filming

Aerial Surveys and Filming can possibly be cancelled at short notice, if the weather conditions change, and the conditions introduce a risk to flight. The aerial footage and stills can be assessed on site if required by the client, in order to confirm the quality and accuracy. Every endeavour will be made to ensure that high quality film and photographs are obtained on all flights.


Consumers have the right to cancel the Contract, by notice in writing, at any time up to 14 days after the Contract was made unless the Supplier has started to perform its side of the Contract before the Buyer exercises this right to cancel (in which case the consumer must pay for the work done up to the time of cancellation). Cancellations of projects must be in writing via post or email, which will conclude the contract with Alpine Surveys ltd. Failure to provide such notice will result in the client being invoiced for the quoted and agreed rate.

Limitation of liability

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude or limit the liability of the Supplier for death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of the Supplier or that of the Supplier’s agents or employees.

The Contract will not under any circumstances require commitment for the Supplier to provide personnel (whether with or without equipment) as part of the Services for a period longer than seven hours on site.

Due to the latest GDPR Compliance laws, and our accepted process to cover this, our survey guarantee remains in place for a period of 12 months (365 days) from the date of the survey. After this point the agreed terms and conditions will become void and will be destroyed.

Return Visits

On rare occasions we are requested to undertake a return visit, as the client believes that the issue has not been resolved. We will of course return, however if we find that the issue remains as a result of our recommendations not being fully completed, we will look to charge a survey fee at 80% of the original fee. Please note a report will not be produced on the return visit.  


No delay by the Supplier (whether express or implied) in enforcing any of its rights under this agreement shall prejudice its rights to do so in the future.

Force Majeure

The Supplier shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of its obligations if the delay or failure results from events or circumstances outside its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, lock outs, accidents, war, fire or failure of any communications, telecommunications or computer system. If such conditions prevail for more than six weeks then the party not in default shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement but, subject to this, the Supplier shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of time for it to fulfil its obligations hereunder.


If any term or provision of these Terms and Conditions is held invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason by any court of competent jurisdiction such provision shall be severed and the remainder of the provisions hereof shall continue in full force and effect.

Changes to terms and conditions

The Supplier shall be entitled to alter the terms and conditions for its contracts at any time but this right shall not affect the existing Terms and Conditions accepted by the Buyer for this Contract.

Any renewal of and order for the Services will be subject to the Supplier's then current terms and conditions.

Governing law and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

GDPR Compliance

In order to comply as a small business with the new Data Protection laws, Alpine Surveys Ltd have implemented the following processes.

1. All data will be controlled by our in house Data Control Officer. All data held by us is a survey contract requirement.

2. The provided personal data will only be used for survey instruction, survey reporting, invoicing, receipt production, and payment processing purposes.

3. Only the required office staff and designated Surveyor will receive any personal data obtained.

4. The data will not be transferred to any third party or other country, other than our payment processing provider.

5. Any personal data will be stored on site survey equipment for no longer than one month. PDF Survey Reports will be stored on our office system electronically for no longer than six months. Agreed terms and conditions will be stored for no longer than a twelve month period. After twelve months there will be no stored record of any customer data.

6. At anytime the client has the right to state in writing that their consent to hold data is withdrawn, and that their data be erased prior to the stated deadlines. Such an erasure may result in any Alpine Surveys guarantees being ceased. Such guarantees should be confirmed at the time of the request.

7. By accepting our terms and conditions, you are accepting our Data Processing policy above.  

Special conditions

As agreed in writing by both parties.

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Example Damp Survey Report
Example Damp Survey Report

Alpine Damp take their time to make the right diagnosis, utilising numerous survey methods for confirmation. On completion a detailed report will be provided, detailing exactly what has been undertaken as part of the investigation or survey, the results, and our unbiased recommendations for the rectification of the issue.


Example Homebuyers Report
Example Homebuyers Report

Many people consider the Mortgage Valuation survey to be one that will highlight any issues worth considering. This is not the case, the Mortgage Valuation survey is to ascertain if the mortgage requested is covered by the value of the property in the worst case scenario that the mortgage cannot be covered.


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Alpine Damp are an independent surveying company, with absolutely no connections to any damp proofing company, and therefore have no interest in financial rewards from remedial works. Call us today: 0330 333 9238

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We have offices and Surveyors that cover Central & Southern England & Wales, Alpine Damp undertake literally hundreds of surveys for both Domestic and Commercial customers, resolving issues that others cannot resolve, in all house types, through to large 5* hotels alike. We utilise our years of experience, combined with the latest survey technology and additional methods that others do not use such as Thermal Imaging, and Acoustic technology.

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View more of our reviews

Alpine Surveys made the whole process really simple, and everyone was polite and courteous throughout the whole process. The initial call from Sarah was really useful, with great communication throughout. Mark did the survey was really professional. He investigated the damp thoroughly and explained the results - I just wish I had used them before having "damp proofing" installed by another Checkatrade tradesman which is already failing and didn't resolve the problem. I now have a clear plan of what needs to happen to resolve, and feel confident in the results. Time will tell, but would recommend.

Damp Survey, in London

“The company was professional from start to finish. From the initial call I made, to final contact to pay the bill. The staff member who came to my house talked me through everything step by step, showing me what he had discovered as he went along, showing me readings on the testing equipment ( even drawing on his I pad to help explain), and giving me verbal advice ahead of that official report. He also wore plastic over his shoes indoors. I felt informed, and I trusted what he said. Even though it was bad news for me, I was glad to know her extend of the problem. I would recommend the company”

Damp Survey, in London

“Very professional service. I received my report the day after the survey. The report was extremely clear about areas of concern and actions required by the seller which has greatly aided my decision to buy the property. I also spoke to the surveyor Mark, who was very pleasant and helpful in giving more context to the findings. I plan to use Alpine Water mgt once more to go back and check that remedial works have been carried out as recommended prior to buying. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone.”

Damp Survey, in London

“The surveyor was not phased by the chaos of moving with boxes and furniture in disarray. He was punctual, polite and acted in a professional manner. When he published his report I spotted a small mistake due to a misunderstanding (not the fault of the surveyor), so called Alpine. The surveyor called me the next day and the rectified report was emailed to me the next day. Very happy.”

Damp Survey, in Banstead

“I used Alpine H2O to provide a specialist damp report on a property I was going to buy. Sarah was very helpful when booking this survey and Mark the surveyor went through in detail with me any queries I had regarding the findings of the survey. I am very thankful that I had this survey done as I would have possibly proceeded on a property without being aware of its defects. In addition Alpine H2O do not carry out remedial works and therefore do not benefit from anything found in the survey so the survey is entirely independent. I would certainly use Alpine H2O again.”

Damp Survey, in New Malden

“Very professional service, and a very thorough survey. Completely independent and only do surveys, so you can be sure they won't try to push you into getting unnecessary work carried out as they'd have nothing to profit from doing so.”

Damp Survey, in St. Albans

“Survey and investigation done as requested. Communication with company was excellent and report was produced quickly and thoroughly. Report was thorough and informative and the recommendations were easy to understand.”

Damp Survey, in Woking

“We currently have a damp issue in our property (both on an internal wall, and external wall). Alpine Survey' s carried out tests and produced a comprehensive report identifying the suspected cause of the damp and suggestions on next steps. I would highly recommend their services, ahead of calling out plumbers, trace and access, cctv surveys etc.The expert who visited the property was experienced, thorough and professional, and the customer service was excellent.”

Damp Survey, in London

“Very helpful, polite and efficient. Was kept informed of surveyors time of arrival. Would recommend as pleased with service.”

Damp Survey, in Watford

“The surveyor arrived at the time specified and took the trouble to ensure that the house remained as clean and tidy as it had been when he arrived. He took time to explain (in layman' s terms so the information was clear) what he was doing, what had caused the problem and gave good advice on how to solve it and how to find a suitable builder.”

Damp Survey, in Buckingham

“I Phoned through to Alpine Surveys on a Tuesday, they managed to get someone out on the following day (I guess I was lucky in this regard) and by the Wednesday evening the highly detailed report had been e-mailed through. I would thoroughly recommend Alpine Surveys on promptness and quality and would use them again.”

Damp Survey, in Portsmouth

“The surveyor was extremely helpful and explained verbally the issues and possible solutions on the day. We received the written report with photographs in two working days. The company kept us fully informed of the process and progress and was highly efficient in handling our enquiry and delivering the service.”

Damp Survey, in Chichester

“I was very impressed with the Mark Dobson who did the survey, he answered all my questions in detail and was clearly an expert in his field, I would not hesitate to use Alpine again compared to other companies who do a "free survey" and also carry out the works needed!!!- the information given on the free survey was incorrect in my opinion against what Alpine recommended”

Damp Survey, in Horley

“The investigation was carried out professionally and courteously, with all aspects of the issues and the treatment options explained clearly and patiently. I would not hesitate to recommend this company, as they provide impartial professionalism and a comprehensive plan of action to tackle damp problems.”

Damp Survey, in Uckfield

“Although I did not meet or speak directly to the surveyor as he surveyed our potential new home, both Sarah who was my main contact and Mark, the surveyor were efficient and detailed. The report was thorough and delivered a few days after the site visit. Any questions I had were also answered promptly. Worth the investment.”

Damp Survey, in Guildford

“Mr Dobson was professional and courteous. He undertook a thorough survey and the report was provided very promptly.”

Damp Survey, in Godalming

“I requested an independent investigation into potential damp in my property following claims by an Eco firm trying to sell me a product for £3K. Alpine Surveys are independent and their surveyor did a first class job. Initial communication with Sarah at Alpine by e-mail and phone was first class and Mark the surveyor talked me through the findings. The report provided within 48 hours was comprehensive and allayed my fears. £350 well spent and saved me a fortune. I would highly recommend Alpine.”

Damp Survey, in Aylesbury

“Surveyor turned up when they said they would. They explained the process and their initial thoughts on the issues. It was very obvious that they were knowledgeable in the field. Report was sent within 24 hours and was very comprehensive. Would recommend the company to others and will be considering them in the future if other surveys are required.”

Damp Survey, in Farnham

“This is the second time we have used Marks services and again the advise he has provided has been invaluable.”

Damp Survey, in Weybridge

“Professional, punctual, confident ,and more importantly found the problem that to date no one has managed to do. We are very impressed in every aspect and would have no hesitation in recommending or using them again.”

Damp Survey, in Weston-super-Mare

“Alpine Surveys undertook a thorough survey to investigate the cause of a damp patch. The surveyor inspected the internal and external walls and took measurements of the relative damp and moisture content. We received a report with the measurements and thermal images to show the extent of the damp spread. The report also contained recommendations to rectify the issue. The surveyor was very helpful and took time to explain the issues and his recommendations. This is very helpful before we speak to any builders, to make sure they diagnose the problem and undertake the correct work.”

Damp Survey, in Epsom

“So glad I had this report done but a professional company, thanks to the company doing a full detailed report of what was wrong with the house I was going for, gave me confidence with deciding if to continue with the sale.”

Damp Survey, in Poole

“Mark really open our eyes to the mechanics and behaviour of single skin older building. It's all about breathability with lime render/plaster not about waterproofing with cement mortar. Conducted a very thorough survey and produced an excellent report afterwards to help us fix our damp problem the correct way, just wish we'd had it done before we spent money getting the house rendered with waterproof cement render!”

Damp Survey, in Epsom

“Excellent work by a very knowledgeable and experienced person. I would always recommend Mark and Alpine to anyone having damp problems or indeed if they were considering purchasing a house.”

Damp Survey, in Poole

“Alpine provided a much-needed and invaluable professional investigation for me (overseas landlord) at my tenanted property. They gave me the facts and unbiased valid information-just what I needed! As an independent company, Alpine is an absolute treasure; because the price is agreed in advance and the results are accurately compiled. No hidden extras, no "I know someone who can do that job" or any other potentially misleading sales talk. They provide a no-nonsense service which enables homeowners to then make informed decisions based on their findings. Highly recommend Alpine Surveys! Thank you.”

Damp Survey, in Eastbourne

“I have instructed Alpine Surveys to complete two surveys in the last month on behalf of my company Censeo Property, one for a property we are buying and the other on behalf of a client. Both are basement flats. I had the same surveyor for both properties, he arrived on time and worked systematically through the properties using both damp meters and thermal imaging. The reports produced were detailed and specifically the Thermal Imaging allows for non-invasive investigation, which has been very useful to my client to allow for the eliminations of some of the potential causes of the damp”

Damp Survey, in London

“This survey was undertaken due to dissatisfaction with other free quotes from damp proofing companies. Despite professional approaches, the variation in establishing underlying causes of damp seemed to add up to educated guesswork. The Alpine surveyor spent much longer exploring the potential cause and the use of thermal imaging seemed to pinpoint the source more precisely. The surveyor involved me and demonstrated what he was doing. I felt satisfied that money spent on effective unbiased diagnosis would save money down the line on potentially expensive and unnecessary work.”

Damp Survey, in Bristol

“I telephoned to enquire whether I could book a survey and received a very quick response. The survey was booked within 2 days which was extremely convenient for me.”

Damp Survey, in Coulsdon

“Inspection of Commercial Property: Very happy with Alpine Surveys - Timely, efficient, organised, polite and informative. A pleasure to deal with. Sarah who organised the appointments and follow up calls was excellent too - Thank you.”

Damp Survey, in Barnet

“Prompt, flexible to rearrange timing due to bad weather and exhaustive reporting.”

Damp Survey, in Teddington

“I was very impressed with the service offered - from initial enquiry through to receiving the survey. Very knowledgeable, helpful and prompt in sending the survey through.”

Damp Survey, in Sutton

“We had a Damp Survey carried out on property we were in the process of buying. Following the Homebuyer's survey we initially carried out, there were a number of damp related items that we wanted to get checked with a more detailed damp survey. The survey was carried out on the date we booked and we received the report the following day. The report was very clear and highlighted the areas of concern and the steps to rectify. Very pleased that it allayed our fears and put our minds at rest. Would definitely recommend.”

Damp Survey, in Dunstable

“No work was carried out, purpose of visit was for survey. Your colleague was polite, kept us informed as to what he believed the issue was and appeared to carry out a detailed investigation.”

Damp Survey, in Godstone

“Mark was extremely thorough with his investigation and identified the sources of my problems which another company wasn’t able to. His report was very informative and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Damp Survey, in Haywards Heath

“Mark arrived on time and carried out a full survey and gave me good explanations of the root causes and proposed corrective actions. The report provided the same day with detailed analysis of several issues. We've not yet been able to confirm that the proposal will solve the problem, because the suggested works in the proposal are quite expensive and disruptive, but I do believe the Mark has identified the roots of the problem. I hope we can report back good news once we can afford to carry out the works.”

Damp Survey, in Henley-on-Thames

“Dealing with Alpine has been a pleasure. The booking staff are very capable, informative and courteous and the surveyors who attended were extremely professional, knowledgeable and reassuring. The report arrived on time and its format and content, logical, precise and clear. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alpine.”

Damp Survey, in Sevenoaks

“Excellent service, the man that did the job was really helpful and all issues were resolved after actions taken as advised, would definitely use again and recommend.”

Damp Survey, in Slough

“The inspector was very thorough, attentive to all details and identified the elusive source of a leak that numerous other companies failed to identify over the years. Excellent work and excellent customer service!”

Damp Survey, in London

“The surveyor was extremely pleasant, professional, approachable and an overall nice happy chap. Arrived and cracked on straight away. He explained his findings in plain terms so I would understand when the survey came through. I like the fact they are an independent company and not selling other goods off of the back of the survey like alot of others. Competitively priced vs the £400 I was quoted by another company! Sarah was friendly and easy to deal with. Survey came a little later than expected but wasn't an issue. Would recommend!”

Damp Survey, in Luton

“Alpine provided a comprehensive report on damp in a house I am a prospective buyer for. I spoke to the surveyor over the phone about the report, and received email responses to further queries. Sarah was very helpful in arranging the survey and in follow up emails.”

Damp Survey, in London

“The surveyor, Mark, Was very friendly and polite and undertook the survey very efficiently. The report was sent well before the 48 hour estimate. I had one follow up question that was answered quickly and efficiently.”

Damp Survey, in London

“Mark was thorough and informative, he knew exactly what he was looking for and was professional throughout. He identified all of the problem areas which I was able to take back and I am now in the process of getting corrected.”

, in Maidenhead

“I was completely satisfied with all aspects of the service I received from pre visit arrangements through to production of survey report. Alpine Surveys Ltd are clearly experts in their field and exceptionally professional in set up and delivery. Mark Dobson who conducted the survey was thorough and precise and the report very comprehensive. I would unreservedly recommend Alpine Surveys Ltd to anybody.”

, in Surbiton

“The surveyor was very thorough and provided a comprehensive report including recommendations/ digital images within a few days of visiting our property. It provided us with peace of mind that planned redevelopment of our conservatory would resolve damp issues we had experienced. The appointment was set up quickly and efficiently through the Company's central office. There is no connection with any company undertaking repair work and thus they provide an impartial opinion. Would definitely recommend Alpine Surveys.”

, in Wokingham

“I called in Alpine Surveys to find out why a bedroom wall was getting damp. After the survey we were told the leak was coming from a water tank in the attic. Although common sense would have pointed to the water tank as the logical place for the leak three different plumbers had failed to find anything wrong with it over a period of some months. The survey was quite expensive but proved beyond doubt we needed to replace that tank. We also had a full report from Alpine confirming the rest of the house is dry which is helpful as we are in the process of selling the property.”

Damp Survey, in Poole

“Excellent job, the surveyor was extremely knowledgable and the report really well made. We learnt a lot and got excellent recommendations supported by great technology used.”

, in London

“Mark arrived for the appointment on time, he was polite and courteous, outlying at the begin the process of the Damp survey before proceeding. He conducted the survey in a thoughtful methodical manner and providing constant feedback, whilst working through the house. The valuable feedback and advice given throughout were in understandable measured points which demonstrated his experience this field.”

, in Hayes

“Best money I’ve spent! Was about to spend £X on a new dpc and decided at the last minute to get Alpine in. Produced a report in one day and gave s detailed recommendation which did not involve a new dpc! Mark and Sarah are highly professional and the service is excellent- 10/10!”

, in Slough

“Very experienced in profession. Offered tips and recommendations whilst on the visit. Approachable, professional, confident and polite. Great written report of the survey received afterwards, was clear and precise.”

, in Uxbridge

“Very professional and knowledgeable about the different types of damp. Worked efficiently and explained the problem clearly with great recommendations on next steps. Would definitely recommend!”

, in London

“Excellent, friendly work; explaining what was being done and recommending solutions before report. Very pleased.”

Damp Survey, in Hampton

“Very thorough survey done and thermal imaging also done and shown to us. Advised on what action to take. Mark(surveyor) was pleasant and professional and I had complete confidence in him”

Damp Survey, in Bournemouth

“I highly recommend Alpine Surveys. Mark was extremely knowledgeable and carried out a comprehensive survey/report on an old property I was in the process of purchasing. He gave sound advice and prevented me from wasting thousands of pounds on injection tanking, as recommended by another 'damp specialist'. In my opinion having independent advice is certainly the way to go if you want peace of mind that you won't be ripped off by companies offering 'free' damp surveys.”

Damp Survey, in Chalfont St. Giles

“Mark arrived early, was polite, professional and thankfully for us (finally after spending huge amounts of money getting nowhere on the issue) highly effective. We now know what the issue is (inside the house not outside). If we need to do this again these guys are the go to outfit. Thanks again.”

Damp Survey, in Hook